Rotation work in oil drilling companies

Rotation work in oil companies is one of the most popular methods of organizing the working process. It seems to be that everyone knows that Russia is a country of rich natural resources, but oil and gas fields are located far away from the populated areas, cites and towns. In order to serve the needs of the oil companies, they need specialists and workforce. As the work in the oil companies is very difficult, the work is organized in shifts - that is alternately rest and work. For their operation oil companies are required workers of manual work trades, including little skilled or not skilled at all, without any prior rexperience of working on oil rigs, roustabouts and roughnecks, technical staff, and maintenance staff.

Generally, the duration of a working shift on oil rig and the rest and recreation periods are almost equal. They will depend on the location of the oil rig, the specifics of oil production, the company that owns the oil rig or offshore oil drilling platform, and some other factors. As a rule, the duration of a shift must be set around 2-3 weeks.

Drilling companies hiring roustabouts

So, let's discuss why the rotation method of work in the oil companies remains continuously in such high demand. The most important advantage of the working in the oil production and oil discovery companies is, of course, the decent wages that they offer. The salaries of the shift workers in the oil companies are several times higher than the average wage across the country, as oil companies have special multipliers. Also such kind of working process allows to change short period of intensive working with long term recreation.

It should be noted that the employment relationship with the employer and employment of shift workers is regulated by law. Therefore, people who work on rotational basis are entitled for a lot of benefits. In addition to the high salary, the employees receive the benefits such as social trips to rest homes and health centers, additional vacation, the opportunity to be treated in the best medical institutions. Also, the oil companies' rotation job may provide additional health insurance, pension plans, different types of insurance.

Through working on a rotational basis in the oil companies young professional people get an opportunity of starting a great career, as the oil drilling companies gladly teach talented and promising employees for further career development. For experienced professionals working by rotational basis in the oil companies offer promising jobs and decent wages.

Offshore rotation jobs disadvantages

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As a rule, every job has its drawbacks. Offshore work on a rotational basis makes no exception. First of all, when applying for oil rig job, there are limitations due to the job seaker's health and age - especially if the workers are supposed to perform some intense physical labor during 12 hours. Watch is - a general term that includes the time of of work performance and vacation. Company chief, instead of paying per diem allowance to crew, pays additional fee for the rotation method of operation. Usually allowance will be paid for each working day. It should be noted that there are some risks of offshore rotation job. That is associated to the lack of social guarantees. That's why oil job seekers should be cautious. But, as the most important disadvantage of oil work is that you have to be away from their habitat and their families.

Oil companies are trying to recruit young and healthy applicants and pay them good earnings. Their health condition is the main criteria, because employers want healthy workers to perform their jobs in extreme conditions. Each appllicant for oil rig job should be able to pass medical examination before starting to work offshore. This is required as a mandatory condition, and no one can get around it. Also, everyone yfx to have good communication and interpersonal skills, so the new worker may simply do not get along in a team. While working on a rotation basis on oil rigs you will not be able to visit your home, you'll rather need to live where your employer settle you.

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