Offshore Cook/Night Cook position on oil rig

How to get a job at cook or bakery at off shore oil field.

Today many young cooks are willing to go offshore and work on oil and gas platforms. Why offshore jobs are so interesting for them? The answer is simple - money. Offshore oil rigs allow to earn quite decent money even while your first contract. For example Night Baker could earn about 50k during 6 months contract, Cook assistant will earn about 40k and Galleyhand (the lowest unskilled worker in catering crew.) will earn about 30k. No other job on the shore can provide such high salary and so long rest time. Actually you are working a half of a year offshore and than go to the shore. Some Cooks can not tolerate such a long vacation and get another cook job onshore for few months till get next offshore contract.

Besides money making opportunity working offshore is exiting and interesting, travelling over the world, working with mixed nationalities crew all these benefits make this job most lucrative and desired among Cooks. The main feature is that you do not need previous offshore experience to get job in catering on oil rig. If you have been working as cook in restaurant or cook assistant in bakery for 1 year that would be enough. This kind of job doesn't require neither specific navigation, sailing, skills nor physical endurance as it required for jobs like derrickman, deckhands, roughneck, roustabout etc. Offshore cooking doesn't require working on unsafe places of oil rig thus this is quite clean and relatively safe position on oil rig. While other workers are evolved in working on derrick, near dangerous drilling machinery, performing rope access jobs on heights such as painting, fitting, welding some times even underwater welding.

The most difficult is to get on oil rig, once you entered offshore industry you will be able to continues working on any oil rig and even have opportunity for career growth. Employer encourages workers capable of fast learning. Thus in catering if you proved yourself with a good hand as cook assistant you may become cook\night backer as soon as this position become vacant.

Requirements for the offshore cook

1. First of all cook must reach the point of hiring 18 years of age. Cook must be specially trained and have the appropriate certificate, recognized by the medical commission suitable to perform work offshore in this position who have completed training and passed the tests on sanitary minimum. The cook must: 1. Providing a food preparation for all crew members;
2. Make menu and participate in the drafting applications for food products;
3. Qualitatively prepare meals and make their hand out at set time;
4. If cook can not get bread in time he must bake it;
5. Ensure the safety and permanent cleanliness of a galley dishes;
6. Follow the rules and regulations of using galley equipment and keep it clean;
7. Keep galley and refrigerators clean;
8. Follow the rules of sanitation.
Cook has the right to:
1. Obtain the necessary information to perform their duties.
2. Contribute to Chef, suggestions for improving the organization of his (cook's) work.

Apply for position of: Cook/Night Cook, Baker on oil platform

Here goes one of cv samples for applying to offshore oil job. (If you are owner of this CV and wish to remove it from our website contact us)

First name: Stere
Surname: Zguma
Gender: Male
Height: 185cm
Weight: 93 kg
Date of birth: November 09.1962
Place of birth: Constanta / ROMANIA
Nationality/Citizenship: Romanian / Romanian
Address: 3 Malinului alley, bl. B'3, sc. B, ap. 35, etj. 3
       Constanta / ROMANIA
Marital status: Married
Next of Kin: Luminita Burlacu (1 child: Zguma Vasile, 09.08.2006)
Tel no: 0040 726488274
Mobile no: 0040 732291689
E-mail address: zguma.stere@yahoo.com
Passport: Serial no.: 12653531
       Issue date: 06.06.2007
       Expiry date: 06.06.2017
ROMANIA Seaman's book: Serial no.23664 CT
       Issue date: 23.06.2008
       Expiry date: 17.06.2013
LIBERIA Seaman's book: Serial no. 1042239
       Issue by: LIBERIA Marine Authority
       Issue date: 23.04.2012
       Expiry date: 23.04.2017
Health Certificate: Serial no.: 2011/1697
       Issue by:13.06.2013
       Expiry date: 13.06.2015

Certificate of proficiency hygiene course for catering personnel certificate no 00000190 date of issue 15.07.2013 date of expiry 15. 07 .2018.

Vaccination Record:

  • Hepatitis B: 12.02.2012
  • Yellow Fever: 12.02.2012


  • October 1988 - June 1992: Mihai Eminescu Secondary School - graduated in the specialty Techician/Mechanic Specialist + Baccalaureate - Constanta/ROMANIA
  • June 1992 - September 1992: S.C. BTDC S.R.L. - graduated in the specialty BAKER/COOK - Constanta/ROMANIA
    • Serial no: c020796273
    • Issue date: 12 September 1992

III. LANGUAGES: (Spoken/Written/Understood (1 - poor ...5 - fluent))
Romanian: 1st language
English: 3
Turks: 5


       Serial no.: 000457 (CERONAV - Constanta/ROMANIA)

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Basic - Fire Fighting
  • Elementary First AID
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities on Board Ships
       Issue date: 13.10.2012
       Expiry date: 13.10.2017

       (CERONAV - Constanta/ROMANIA)
              Serial no: 000288
              Expiry: 18.06.2017

3.certificate of proficiency hygiene course for catering personnel certificate no 00000190
       date of issue 15.07.2013        date of expiry 15.07.2018.

3.Certificate of Proficiency Hygiene Course for catering Personnel        (CERONAV - Constanta/ROMANIA)               Serial no.: 00000190               Issue: 15.07.2013               Expiry: 15.07.2018

16.12.2012-30.05.2013: Cook on board to M/V BULK
04.04.2012-13.09.2012: Cook on board to Multipurpose V FOKEBURG
02.11.2009 - 26.07.2010: Cook on board to General Cargo Vessel "M/V Anglia"
23.04.2009 - 19.10.2009: Cook on board to General Cargo Vessel "M/V Anglia"
22.07.2008 - 16.12.2008: Cook on board to General Cargo Vessel "M/V ITALIA"
01.02.2008 - 20.06.2008: Cook on "RESAURANT BRAN" Constanta/Romania
15.11.2007 - 15.01.2008: Cook on board to RIG "JUPITER" by GSP Romania
15.09.2007 - 15.10.2007: Cook on board to RIG "SATURN" by GSP Romania
15.07.2007 - 15.08.2007: Cook on board to RIG "SATURN" by GSP Romania
01.05.2007 - 12.07.2007: Cook on board to RIG "PROMETEU" by GSP Romania
01.04.2007 - 14.06.2007: Cook on "HOTEL VEGA" Constanta/Romania
22.06.2005 - 15.09.2006: Cook on "RESTAURANT MAREA NEAGRA" Constanta/Romania
01.04.2004 - 01.09.2004: Cook on "RESTAURANT EFORIE" Constanta/Romania
01.04 .2001 - 01.10.2003: Cook on "RESTAURANT SATURN" Constanta/Romania

3. certificate of proficiency hygiene course for catering personnel certificate no 00000190
date of issue 15.07.2013
date of expiry 15.07.2018.

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