Offshore oil rotation jobs in the North Sea

Roustabout vacancies in North Sea, offshore trainee roustabout.

Norway is a wonderful country located in Scandinavia. This state is bordered by Sweden, Finland and Russia. The name of the country comes from the Old Norse word meaning "the way of the north." The capital and the residence of the current government - Oslo. The whole country is literally awash with lakes, rivers and streams. Within the country there is a huge number of islands and archipelagos.

Norway, together with Saudi Arabia and Russia is among the three largest exporters of oil and gas production. The first commercial oil production in Norway was carried out in 1970. Although in 1960 the government announced it sovereignty over all natural resources. Norwegian oil platforms are the foundation of the national economy. But the significance of the Norwegian oil and gas industry with regard to the European Union, is also indisputable. It provides 15% of Europe's oil and gas. All oil reserves of Norway are concentrated on the continental shelf of the North Sea. Many different companies, for example, Statoil ASA, North Energy, actively working, earning an important component of the minerals. A company Phillips Petroleum, according to forecasts, will be able to carry out works to 2028. Back in the late 1990s, Norway was producing a record amount of oil. At the beginning of 1998, this state has seized almost 525 million tons. And this is not the limit! According to experts, the potential for oil production capacity of Norway's offshore fields, is incredibly high. It is expected that by time rather will produce up to 11 billion barrels (1 br. - Approx. 159 l.) Of oil and 26 trillion. Cubic foots of gas. Norwegian oil platforms are known for the fact that it produces oil with low sulfur content. In this case, plants require less hydrotreating.

Work on oil rigs Norway is under way. Each season, the major oil companies are hired on contract 15-17 thousand citizens of Eastern Europe. Usually a contract is signed for six months. But if performance is of interest immigrant, by mutual agreement, the contract may be extended. Company-employer agrees to provide all necessary conditions for productive work. It also provides money for stay in the proposed country, food, medical care and education/courses if needed. Moreover, the company can pay the costs of relocation. Accommodation on the platform associated with high European level. Comfortable cabins with shower, 4 meals, satellite television, Internet, gym etc. As you can see, working on offshore oil rigs in Norway is accompanied not only by all necessary, but also entertaining and fun!

Basically a job on oil rigs offered to men aged 25 to 55 years. Marital status does not matter. There are frequent cases when moving to Norway the whole family of employee. Thus, the Norwegian oil platforms are developing in huge rhythm they can use their opportunities. It should be noted that work on oil rigs of Norway paid very well. Wages in the harsh climate are about 200 - 400 U.S. dollars per day (regarding to your experience, skills, position). And the climate in those parts really harsh, sometimes could be even cruel. Low temperatures and high humidity often lead to strong storms in North Sea. Therefore, work on such dangerous conditions, even if you occupy the lowest level position (roustabout, deck cleaner, galley cleaner) paid very good. You should also pay attention to complete isolation from the world, especially from their loved ones. work carried out by the watches. Watch lasts 18 - 20 days. working hours - 12 hours / 12 hours of rest. It is also advisable to take into account communication factor. It is highly desirable to know English, otherwise your working will be slightly more difficult. However, knowledge of English - it is not required option while getting your offshore job on oil platform. All workstations are equipped with special explanatory signs in different languages. Norway oil platforms are also constantly replenished by professional translators to crews, and this is a huge help for foreign workers.

Offshore rotation jobs in North Sea

Types of jobs on oil rigs are very different. For operation and maintenance of energy and drilling rigs are always required technicians, mechanics, turners, welders, fitters, machinists, electricians, operators and other skilled workers. Also for maintenance personnel are required Unskilled workers: roustabouts, roughnecks, general labors, deckhands, stewards and cook positions such as Cook, Chef, Cook Assistant, Kitchen cleaner, galleyhands, dishwasher.

What are the basic requirement for those who want to work on oil platform in North Sea? First of all - excellent health. The persons with abnormalities such as hearing loss, vision, chronic disease of the heart, liver, etc. are not allowed to work. Norwegian oil platforms also hire people with criminal record, drug and alcohol addiction. Necessary qualifications in their chosen profession. All these requirements are quite logical and fair, because the oil and gas industry - one of the most serious and requires serious preparation.

Of course, the rotation job in oil rigs, platforms or drill ships has many advantages. The main advantage of the rotation jobs is the high wages. And this, perhaps, is the main reason that causes healthy, young people leaving their homes for a long time, while leaving the family without support. Usually schedule of a rotation jobs can be very different - all of them are unique, so you need to study in detail the employment contract before signing it.

Another advantage of rotational scheduled working is that when you are working at regular job you must to wait up to 11 months before your vocation. But offshore rotation jobs involves different work schedule, for example, 15/15, i.e. 15 days the employee works, and the remaining 15 days of rest. There are other options - one month of working and one month of vacation. Because of specific nature of offshore oil drilling jobs you will have to travel a lot. This option makes your work exiting and very interesting opposite to any other regular routine job onshore in ordinary environment.

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