Annual salary of driller on oil rig is much higher than any other related job onshore. At any time in future, the question of oil gas producing will be actual, as it brings a lot of money, both to oil companies and to the people working there and performing mining operations. In order to extract oil offshore companies use drilling platforms, they are designed to pump oil from the floor of sea or ocean. These platforms have a mass of 13,000 tones and withstand the storm, even with the height of the waves in the 17 meters and wind gusts of up to 60m / s. Proposals for work on oil rigs increasing every year, and the employer offers quite good money for the labor of people, on average, is about 400 euros per day, but it also depends on the skill and qualification of the worker. And today Norwegian oil rig became very popular money making opportunity for some people in India.

Jobs on Norway oil rigs for Indian crews

Many Indians want to work abroad on offshore oil rigs, but do not even have a basic understanding of how to apply for oil job and how they will work. This article will help you find a decent job in Norway.

It is not so difficult to find jobs for Indian crew, there are a lot of vacancies for various professions with different skill levels in Norway. Typically, like other countries, Norway has to offer migrant workers to start from entry level unskilled jobs that do not require any advanced and complex skills, and no special knowledge of the language.

By the way, do not worry, offshore work in Norway for Indians - it's not just low-skilled jobs like deckhands, roughneck or any other general labor. If you are a competent expert in a particular field (rig electrician, underwater welder, pipe fitter, mechanic), you can expect to earn decent money and comfortable working conditions and further career growth. It is also will be a good boost if you know the Norwegian language, although it is not an essential condition on entry level unskilled positions of oil rigs.

entry level Oil rig jobs are the best choice for novice professional for further promotion once you entered the industry. Though some working experience on your native country would be a plus while employment process, at least 1-2 years on related land-based job. In addition Norway oil companies are exacting to your age and past due. It is desirable to start working with an invitation from any Norway oil company. Then you will be arranged as not migrant worker, but following a shortened way that is different from the migration.For example, if you come as a migrant worker, you have to take into account the fact that in addition to the other formal requirements, you need to have a fairly large sum of money within the 220,000 kroner, while you look for work in Norway. For these funds it will be easier to open your own business at home, rather than go in search of the undefined earnings.

Jobs on oil rigs in India, Iran or Qatar

Oil and gas jobs are still most payable jobs in Norway for Indian crews. To get on of such attractive jobs, India citizens should file a petition for employment to any company operating in North Sea. Employer pays for your relocation from India to Norway, accommodation, insurance and other documents for travel and accommodation. Usually working in Norway for Indians on oil platforms involves shift method of work process, and the contract is assigned for 6 months or more. In this case, the citizens of India are trained on required courses and are paid in the amount 85% of the established salary. You also have the right to study languages or other trades, all it provides the employer company. The living conditions at the oil platform at a high level, everything is done in accordance with European standards. You will find four meals, gym, satellite TV and even the Internet. All this is for the convenience of general workers and professionals.

Looking for oil and gas job in Norway can be both successful and empty waste of time and money for Indian crews. Getting a job in another country - a very difficult task and the way to deal with it not a short, so think about everything twice. We recommend to use professional recruiting services for successful employment on oil rig. There are lots of online recruiting companies in the Internet offering employment on oil rigs. But, you should be careful and aware of fraud agencies that are charges fee for positions on oil rig in specific country or even company.

Using Rig worker assistance you can search through thousands of oil vacancies sorted by trade: driller, materials man, caterer, pumpman, foreman, scuba diver, storeman, cook assistant, plumber, painter, rope access technician, cook, rigger, pipefitter, assistant driller, tower climber, rig electrician, scaffolder, nurse, mud engineer, motorman, mechanic; There is also available search among unskilled or low-skilled jobs: general labor, kitchen helper, galley hand, deckhands, waiter, manual labor, floorhand, roughneck, laundry, dishwasher, utility hand, steward, kitchen cleaner, roustabout, greenhand, rigger;.