Offshore oil jobs in North Sea and other drilling locations

Every year Norwegian oil exploration companies are hiring foreign labor to work on offshore oil platforms. But, in order to request an employment visa each oil company needs to publish its vacancies in national newspapers for a 6 months. And if during this time they cannot find suitable professional among Norwegian labor marker they are allowed to hire foreign personnel. And only after that Norway offshore vacancies will be available for foreign labor.

About the work on the oil rigs we can say that this work is far from easy. Why? First, imagine the harsh climatic conditions of the North Sea, not everyone can resist to so cold and sharp gusts of wind with humidity 99%. working day longs for 10-12 hours with one hour of break for lunch time. But it is because of this options oil companies are paying so high salaries for its workers.

The working process organized on oil rig as two shifts, while one crew is working (shift 1) another crew is sleeping (shift 2) and vice versa. Oil companies are trying to create favorably conditions of work for its workers. Crew which is resting, can visit the rest room, gym or video, chat through Internet with their relatives. All personnel working on oil rigs must necessarily have insurance and the right to all benefits in the country where it operates, as well as the local people of this country. drilling company undertakes to compensate meals, accommodation as well as relocation to place of work expenses. Health insurance, and sometimes even training, are also produced by the company that hire workers to work on oil rigs.

But not Only Norway provides jobs for foreigners, there are many oil companies operating in absolutely different parts of the world. Leading companies: Saudi Aramco, Acteon, Schlumberger, Japan drilling Co, Stena drilling, Altinex, Atwood Oceanics, Inc., Prosafe, Maersk Contractors, Bos, Pride, Diamond drilling, Petroleum industry, TOP drilling companies, Petroleum, Fred. Olsen Energy, Global Marine drilling, Akita drilling, IKM Subsea Design, GlobalSantaFe Corporation, Rowan Companies Inc., Baker Hughes, ESSO, Dolphin drilling, Geoservices, Maersk drilling. All of them are working in: Sudan, UK, Cape Town, Namibia, Somalia, Lebanon, Uruguay, Bahrain, Rwanda, Pakistan, Dubai, India, Kuwait, Arctic Region, Australia, Jordan, Aberdeen, Turkmenistan, Libya, Venezuela, Italy, Iran, Cameroon, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Alberta, Ireland, Cote d'Ivoire, Iraq, Norway, Congo, Israel, Ecuador, Brazil, Equatorial Guinea. And this is far not complete list, offshore industry is developing faster each year, exploring new oil field.

Derrickman - in charge of manipulations of drill pipes (connecting them among each other) so they are going deeper and deeper inwards to sea floor. Derrickman - deals with the maintenance of drilling and usually works on a special moving platform at a height reaching 25 meters, so he is permanently attached to safety belts.

Positions on oil rigs

Oil platforms are very large constructions and have a large infrastructure that requires constant maintenance. Therefore, a large number of staff, such as technicians, painters, cooks, plumbers, divers, chemists and many others needed to maintain oil rig. The following is a short list of the most popular jobs that you can find on the platform. Actually oil platform can involve up to 100 various professionals (depending of size and the number of operations oil rig performs).

Duties of most popular and approachable positions available on oil rigs, drill ships:

Technical staff on oil rigs

Roughneck (handyman) - the primary duties include managing the winch crane with remote controller to move cargo and equipment over the deck. Also keep all the equipment on rig deck clean and tidy. Sometimes, Roughneck can deal with the painting jobs, cleaning equipment from rust and lubricate different mechanisms. Handyman also has to provide some assistance to any worker on oil rig who will need it. Just perform other cargo handling works - for example, helps unload food from arriving boats. - for example, helps unload food, provision from arriving boats.

Floorhand is working on the deck of the drill section and perform the hardest work on the oil rig. Almost during the entire shift he has to stay on his feet. He is responsible for the operational readiness of all the equipment that is used for drilling process. In fact, He is the one assistant in the drilling crew. Floorhand is the initial stage of the career ladder in the drill team, the next stage is the crane operator (Derrickman).

Assistant painter - in the painter's team is responsible for the paint work on an oil platform. Painting work if performing constantly because oil rig consist of metal so elements of platform are subject to corrosion. To protect metal construction in the marine environment painting must be renewed constantly. Often comes to carry out work at height on scaffolding or lifted by crane in a special basket. Can have a lot of helpers from among general laborers.

Maintenance personnel

Cleaning crew work is to remove sand and wax out of drill pipes and filters. Cleaner's primary duties include the general maintenance of the deck clean.

Steward (stewardess) job is ideal for young people and women. Steward is that something like a universal assistant for service personnel. Depending on what section of services steward is attached his duties may include: help in the kitchen and dining area, work in the laundry, cleaning the interior (cabins, etc.), as well as the placement of the newly arrived workers.

Food handlers (kitchen helper) - wash and clean vegetables and fruits, unpacking, sorting and monitors the storage of products, recycles food wastes, helps chefs.