Where and how to apply for offshore oil job?

Would you like to work offshore on a drilling rig? That is quite possible. Offshore oil workers of various professions are in high demand, but they must conduct hard work. The employer requires a lot but you will sure get a very nice payment and compensations. For some work on an oil rig sounds like music to your ears. Once you proceed namely to work internationally travelling and accommodation will be paid by the employer (oil company). It is often the case that you are working a month offshore and then have a month off onshore. The month in which you are free, you can do whatever you want. Working on an oil rig that means you are working on the sea, there is no place for homesick offshore! If you want to save your offshore job for a long time then working on an oil rig is a good decision. Working longer at a fixed location is not here applicable, namely go from project to project, which in turn makes it that the work remains challenging and interesting!

In times of crisis you will certainly afraid that you will lose your job, but if you work offshore on an oil rig you should have no fear because if once you entered oil sector there would be always work for you found. You must be operational and rough at work on an oil rig, because it suppose really hard work. In order to work on an oil rig you must pass few health, drug and survival examinations. Your attitude and your health must be good and your body fit in any case.

Once you've extensively informed about the different ways in oil rig jobs and has an interest in the offshore oil rig activities, the question arises: How and where can I apply for oil and gas job? Applying for oil rig jobs usually is slightly different than normal sites on the "mainland" onshore: Although several thousand offshore jobs on oil rigs are intended annually to a specific job posting a job on an offshore oil rig you will find rare. In the offshore oil and gas industry, it is common to apply directly and centrally by the oil company. Although getting offshore oil job on drilling rig can be found through recruiting or crewing company. In the latter case as a rule recruiters debit 15-25% of your annual salary for their own benefit.

Oil and gas jobs

  • UK: Pipefitter position
  • Namibia: Laundryman job
  • UK: Drilling Engineer opportunity
  • Scotland: Nurse position
  • Rowan Companies: Inc.: Baker offshore work
  • UK: Cook jobs
  • Scotland: Steward positions
  • Scotland: Roustabout employment
  • Statoil: Foreman vacancy
  • UK: Galley hand position
  • IKM Subsea Design: Toolpusher job
  • UK: Rigger opportunity
  • Buskerud: Electronic technician position
  • Scotland: Roustabout offshore work
  • UK: Assistant CRO (ACRO) jobs
  • Netherlands: Cook positions
  • UK: Roustabout employment
  • UK: Corporation: Roughneck vacancy
  • Scotland: Motorman position
  • UK: Shreveport: Steward job

After the written application sent to each oil company (potential employer), whether you are suitable for work on an oil rig. Only after passing through a sieve the requirements you may be admitted to the interview for certain jobs. It may also be that you are applying to any particular place on oil rig, but the group has a suitable activity for each candidate seeking job offshore.

Abut certain oil and gas exploration industry leaders it is easy to seek information because materials come from internationally operating recruiting companies. These include mostly application documents and addresses at which your cv could be sent.

Gas leak: airspace closed over North Sea platform

The leak is still not found, the air space above is locked. The gas on the platform will be further flared, the leak is not found yet. Concrete explosion hazard is not exist currently.

The airspace above the leaking oil rig in the North Sea is frozen, no vessel shall operate there and several offshore platforms were evacuated. Although gas will continue to flow and will burned off and the leak was not found, to date, no specific explosion. Given the current weather conditions is not likely announced Wednesday the French energy company Total with which operates and works the offshore platform. However, plans were developed currently, as the flame could be deleted. During the evacuation of the platform on Monday the gas torch had not been deleted, quoted the British Broadcasting Corporation a company spokesman.

Jobs on offshore oil and gas rigs

  • UK Companies: Floorhand job
  • UK: Seismic Driller vacancy
  • Fred. Olsen Energy: Galley hand position
  • Dubai: Senior subsea engineer job
  • UK: Kitchen helper job
  • Akershus: Greenhand job
  • GlobalSantaFe Corporation: roustabout offshore job
  • Canada: Rope access technician jobs
  • Scotland: roughneck positions
  • GlobalSantaFe Corporation: Roughneck employment
  • Brasdrill: Mechanic vacancy
  • Middle east: Roustabout job
  • Singapore: Rigger job
  • Africa: Roustabout opportunity
  • Ireland: Roughneck position
  • United Kingdom: Scuba diver offshore work
  • Atwood Oceanics: Inc.: Seismic Driller jobs
  • UK Drilling Company: Roustabout job
  • Louisiana: Kitchen cleaner job
  • UK: Galleyhand job

Meanwhile, the surveillance flights in the region are continued. Recently there is a thin film condensed gas had been discovered on the water surface. Total spokesman Jacques Emmanuel Saulnier described the situation on Wednesday as serious but stable. "The first indications suggest that there is currently no significant adverse effects on the environment," Saulnier said by the radio station France Info. "The absolute priority is now sure to close the gas leak and limit the environmental damage."

In order to close the gas leaks in the well off the east coast of Scotland Total looked at several options. Until the completion of well relief could pass six months total explained, according to a BBC report on Wednesday. The situation is stable, the leak has not yet been found.

The area is closed to ships and aircraft that affected production platform "Elgin" was evacuated. Also, the company Shell brought workers from an adjacent platform security. A spokesman for the RMT union representing oil workers, said that there is the risk of "catastrophic devastation". This will be particularly true if the escaping gas should ignite, quoted the BBC spokesman Jake Molloy. The leak occurred on Sunday.

The Elgin platform is a production platform, located some 240 kilometers east of Aberdeen in the North Sea off Scotland. The sea is only about 100 meters deep. This oil and gas platform went into operation in 2001 and has a weight of more than 40 000 tones. The island is about 100 meters long from the base triangle and on each side.

From the platform of the French Total Group six gas wells are coordinated in the nearby area. Partly in up to five kilometers deep drilling beneath the sea floor. The conveyor products like gas and gas condensate collected on the central conveyor island Elgin PUQ and chemically treated.

Liquids are brought from there a ran by the British oil company BP pipeline to Kinneil in Scotland. Gas will be transported in a pipeline into English Norfolk. On the offshore oil platform of 230,000 barrels of oil equivalent are handled daily.