Entry-level offshore jobs in British oil rigs in North Sea.

Incomes and wages on oil rigs and gas fields

The RWE subsidiary is involved in the exploration of new gas and oil wells in the British territory in the North Sea. Thereby triggering an increase in demand of skilled and unexperienced workforce to oil rigs in this region. Worldwide assistants and specialists are needed on offshore oil rigs. So if your interest in offshore job on an oil rig awakened you could apply for oil job today.

After more than a year, the renovation and modernization job on the two Norwegian oil platforms supply vessels "Iceland Captain" and "Iceland Centurion" at the Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven have been completed now.

British oil production facility in Australia. If you got oil job your working is 14 days, each 12 hour shifts. After the 14 days, you have 30 days off. This so-called 14/30 circadian rhythm is a legal requirement for any oil rig jobs abroad. Work clothing will be provided by employer. All flight costs for the arrival and departure are invariably carried out by the offshore British oil company that hire. On the offshore oil and gas rigs accommodation and catering are also free or charge.

The food is of a high standard and provides four times a daily fresh meals. The monthly net salary for a simple assistant job in a drilling crew is around 3,000 €. By training opportunities that are offered by many British oil companies working offshore, you can increase the salary as assistant to up to 3,500 € net per month.

The salaries for the other skilled offshore jobs on an oil rig, such as mechanics, cooks, plumbers are about 4500 € net, engineers can earn offshore about 7000 € net. In general, the salaries are paid in cash in US dollars or Euros by bank transfer.

Important prerequisites: Practical implementation of safety course. Oil job seeker should not have physical disabilities and limitations, however, decreased visual acuity, which requires the use of glasses, is not an obstacle to work on offshore oil and gas rig. British Oil and Gas Companies that hire require a health certificate and a safety course, except for candidates who have already worked as a sailor offshore, or worker on the offshore industry on any other oil platform in the entire North Sea. The safety course (BOSIET) for the work on oil rig exam will take about 3 - 5 days and includes first aid, fire precautions, etc.

Entry-level offshore oil positions:

  • Aberdeen: Catering Officer position
  • Aberdeen: Assistant Crane Operator offshore work
  • Arkansas: Cook entry-level jobs
  • Alberta: Driller positions
  • Svalbard: Assistant CRO (ACRO) employment
  • Congo: Roughnecks vacancy
  • Alabama: Roustabouts position
  • Saudi Arabia: Maintenance Technician job
  • Venezuela: General labor entry-level opportunity
  • Telemark: Floorhand position
  • Prosafe: Rigger offshore work
  • Aberdeen entry-level jobs
  • Norfolk: Roustabouts jobs
  • Namibia: Roughnecks positions
  • Bahrain: Roughnecks employment
  • Equatorial Guinea: Roustabouts vacancy
  • UK: Roughnecks position
  • North Sea: Roughnecks entry-level job
  • Syria: Galley hand opportunity
  • Altinex: Scaffolder position
  • Dubai: Roustabouts offshore work
  • Abu Dhabi: Roustabouts jobs
  • UK, London oil opportunities
  • United Kingdom: Warehouse Foreman positions
  • India: Offshore Roustabout jobs
  • Australia: Assistant Driller vacancy
  • US: Motorman position
  • Alabama: Mechanical job

British oil exploration companies lead the medical examination and the safety course by internally. The advantage is that it is thereby completely free of charge. However, a safety course and a health certificate for applying for a rig job is not mandatory.

Work on the rig structure: International offshore oil drilling crew. If order oil and gas platform work smoothly in oil jobs involved many people from different nations and regions. The working language is English on oil rigs. However, rich basic English skills and a little school English would be enough to do your job and activities in drilling crew. When working on oil rigs, there are also a variety of professionals, such as engineers and geologists. Of course, in a more specialized and skilled oil rig jobs worker should gain better qualification in English.

Interested parties who apply as an assistant in a drilling team must have at least reached the age of 18 years and should not be older than 50 years. These restrictions are acting for low-skilled, entry-level or no experience jobs on oil rig, for example Roustabouts, Greenhands, Roughnecks, Galleyhands, Deckhands etc.. However, there is a lot of work for the rig more specialized professions where you can be older than 50 years old, for example, Computer scientists, doctors, mechanics, cooks, engineers, etc. It is worth noting that once you enetered offshore oil sector job market you can be sure you will not lose your job because experienced professionals with whom oil British company worked for a long time are very valued by employer.