Get your entry-level roughneck dream job in Aberdeen

Applying for our offshore recruiting service you will get:

700 selected application addresses of internationally operating oil, gas and energy companies. Direct contacts of oil companies.

130 direct contacts, including online job ads of their respective companies. Find out just about currently online free jobs.

180 addresses of recruitment and employment agencies are active in the oil, gas and energy business, mostly contacted directly online.

25 special application addresses of American oil and gas companies that are active in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since in these countries, there is an extremely high risk to life and limb at the moment, we would like but generally no recommendation to want to work in these countries. However, it must also be pointed out by far the best wages for jobs on oil rigs and gas fields are paid there at the moment. Monthly salaries of between 6,000-8,000 US dollars are very common in Iraq and Afghanistan for time alone for a simple assistant!

If you are interested in a job on an oil rig? Worldwide assistants and specialists are needed. Apply today!

If you are working as a laborer or as a specialist for companies that are operating in the oil and gas seriously interested now, then we can offer you our professional assistance:

Offshore vacancies in our database

  • Aberdeen: Storeman offshore work
  • Aberdeen: Roughneck jobs
  • Cameroon: Toolpusher positions
  • ESSO: Utility hand entry-level
  • California: helideck assistant job
  • Aberdeen: Deckhands entry-level
  • North Dakota: Environmental Engineer job
  • Middle east: Roughneck opportunity
  • Namibia: Foreman entry-level
  • Aberdeen: Roughneck offshore work
  • Baker Hughes: Roughneck jobs
  • Gabon: Chief steward positions
  • ESSO: Roustabout entry-level
  • North Sea: Chef Manager vacancy
  • Southern California: helideck assistant job
  • Aberdeen: Roughneck job
  • Nabors Industries: Materials man entry-level
  • Angola: Roughneck position

Now our jobs database includes: Application Forms and Applications addresses of companies from Denmark, France, Italy, Australia, Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, Algeria, Pakistan, Peru, England, Scotland (Aberdeen), Greece, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, India, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland, USA, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Colombia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Iraq, Afghanistan.

Most popular oil jobs with no experience: Roughneck, Laundryman, Greenhand, Deckhands, Roustabout, Utility hand, Kitchen cleaner, General labor, Floorhand, Kitchen helper, Dishwasher, Galley hand, Greenhorn, Manual labor, Steward.

In our extensive Company list all companies are provided with a brief description and it is listed what makes each company exactly. Further detail important data and information provided by different companies are listed.

Various resumes, sample texts and current usage. The documents for the application, we have been prefabricated for you. Diverse step by step instructions for successful international application and the optimal resume. Remember be automatically rejected, through computer programs before they have even read someone personally that 90% of all international applications. Thus you that you will not happen informed about the proper preparation of an international application and CV carefully!

  • Various sample applications and sample texts for immediate use. The documents for the application, we have pre-prepared. You need the documents only suit your own needs. As a result, they save time and avoid costly search! Expiration of receiving the documents:
  • Upon receipt of the company list, you should apply as soon as possible at the preferred company. If a company is interested in you they will usually be notified in writing after 2-4 weeks and invited for an interview.
  • Are you following the signing of the employment contract back in your hometown, please contact your new job at the time, which was contractually agreed. The work-related travel costs, both the costs for arrival of a job interview are generally borne by each employer.