1. Offshore employment and career opportunities for Rig electricians - Make you first step towards dreamed high paid offshore career. Rig electricians are needed on oil platforms in UAE, Australia, The Gulf of Mexico.

2. Catering offshore job opportunities. Cook vacancy, Assistant cook job - Offshore catering company hiring cooks to work on oil rigs in Persian Gulf.

3. Maritime jobs, Sailors jobs on cargo ships. Working offshore pros and cons. Cargo ships job opportunities for sailors. Get high-paid job on offshore oil rigs or cargoships.

4. Oil and Gas entry level jobs in UK; floorhand, roughneck, utility hand. Growing number of deep-water UK drilling projects offer lots of vacancies on oil rig platforms near the United Kingdom in North Sea. Young workers needed on oil rigs of Qatar, Kazakhstan, Africa, Australia, UK. No experience required for positions of roustabout, roughneck, galleyhands, deckhands, catering and rope access jobs.

5. Offshore gas jobs in UK - Gas and oil exploration high paying jobs. Work offshore in UK oil industry on offshore platforms.

6. Offshore drilling jobs on drillships. Vacancies from Transocean, Deepwater Horizon, Petrobras. Deepwater Horizon drilling jobs on drillships for offshore industry beginners. entry level positions requiring no previous offshore experience: Roustabout, Roughneck, Deckhands, Galleyhands. Other low-skilled offshore jobs.

7. Production Engineer career on oil platform in Shell. How the work in performed. Production Engineer jobs in oil producing sector. Offshore oil rigs are providing vacancies for variety of engineers: Mud Engineer, drilling Engineer, Production Engineer and other qualifies personnel.

8. What degree you should own to work on offshore oil rig in drilling company - If you are interested in entering the oil industry then you need to make sure you have got what it takes to apply for these positions. There are some aspects that must be considered when you are thinking about joining oil & gas industry. If you have had little or no previous experience, then you will need to work at a job entry and job level up.