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Hello! I was working as electrician assistant for 3 years in local Power station repairing and installing high-voltage power lines. Does this experience allows me to hold rig electrician vacancy offshore? Amir.

Hi Amir! Offshore jobs are quite specific and more demanding than onshore. Of course each employer wants to hire worker with previous offshore experience but. Installing High-voltage power lines is serious job evolving working at heights, that's why your chances to get offshore job are doubled. If there is no rig electrician position available at present time on oil rig you can get job of rope access technician there. While working as rope access technician, you will gain offshore experience and, probably, the next contract you will get as Rig electrician or Assistant Rig electrician. If there is no rope access jobs but you are a a tough guy you can join industry as any of entry-level positions like Roustabout, Roughneck, Galleyhand, Deck cleaner etc. (you can see full list of entry-level jobs following this link). These jobs are lower paid and considered as "dirty", so it is but, this job may become your key to enter industry and make offshore electrician career.

What are the duties of offshore rig electrician?

Rig electrician is in charge of maintenance / repair of all electrical machinery on board. Must provide permanent lighting lines, cyclically changing light bulbs.

What career advancement can I have on oil rig or drillship?

Once you entered offshore industry, in course of time you could become: Lead Electrical Technician, Electrical/Maintenance Supervisor/Chargehand, Maintenance Manager, Offshore Installation Manager.

What is the average offshore electrician salary?

Average Rig electrician salary wavering from $28k to $70k regarding to position on oil rig. For example, entry level position of assistant electrician (with no prior offshore experience) will be $28k. Once you gained some experience you'll be paid up to $34K. And for top level personnel such as Offshore Installation Manager the salary may achieve $60k-$70k per year.

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