Oil and Gas drilling rapidly increases amount of unskilled or low-skilled jobs for young workers with no relevant experience. Variety of entry level positions available for men over 18 years old: Deckhands, scaffolder, greenhand, floorhand, painter, roustabout, pipefitter, roughneck, utility hand, storeman, foreman and many other jobs. These jobs require no special skills, training or offshore experience. Moreover, you can find oil\gas position right in UK (Aberdeen, North Sea, Norfolk, Leatherhead, North West, Surrey, Shetland, Scotland etc.)

Workers of offshore industry became younger. Average age of rig worker dropped to 40 years.

Despite the recent talk about the aging of workforce in the offshore industry, particularly in developed countries, a new study of UK Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Association showed that the average age of offshore workers has been steadily declining. workers in the oil and gas sector of the North Sea are becoming younger. Oil & Gas UK reported that the average age is now 40.4 years - the lowest level since data collection began in oil & gas industry in 2006. The study showed that fear of an aging workforce in vain, OGUK believes that this news, "dispels all the rumors about the aging work force in our waters."

The organization has provided demographic data report about workers of offshore oil and gas industry in 2009. According to the report, more than 51,000 people went to work on offshore platforms, which is 1% more than in the previous year and a record since 2006. The study found that key positions on oil rigs were occupied by younger workers, and this percentage is growing. For example, the rise in the number of employees in the category of 18 to 23 years and from 24 to 29 years, working in the fields of drilling, electronics, management, production, as well as holding deck crew positions.

drilling crew positions: drilling Engineer, Senior drilling Engineer, Assistant Driller, Driller, drilling supervisor;
Electronics on oil rig: Rig electrician, Assistant Rig electrician, ITI-Electrical;
Deck crew positions: General labor, Manual labor, Roustabout, Greenhand, Deckands, Roughneck, Utility hand, Floorhand, Rigger;
Production branch: Operations Manager, Maintenance Technician, General Field Engineer, Pump Mechanic etc.
Management team: Construction Manager, Project Manager, Manager Major Projects Planning, Operations Manager etc.

Despite the presence of the growth in the number of women working in the offshore, compared with the previous year, its dynamics is negligible. According to the report, 1,898 women are employed in the offshore oil industry, 30% of them are positions in the service / maintenance. The average age of women who go to work in the offshore oil & gas, is 35.6 years.

Regarding ethnicity, 84.9% of offshore workers are citizens of the United Kingdom. Director of Security and employment OGUK Robert Paterson said: "The last report on the demographics of the offshore workforce has highlighted some positive aspects. It is encouraging to see that more and more young people aged up to 30 years to occupy the important high-skilled positions in key areas of the offshore oil industry.

Was refuted the myth that the labor force, people involved in working in the North Sea and the continental shelf of the UK is aging. In addition, the positive changes in the fact that more and more people are working in the offshore industry, in particular in comparison with the previous year, indicating that the UK oil and gas industry afloat.

Maybe the North Sea and is a "middle-aged" pool, but anyone who thinks that the work ends here, is wrong. Today UK offshore oil and gas platforms, rigs attract begenner greenhand workers with lack of offshore experience for entry level positions with prospective career opportunity. Given this, we must continue to attract a new generation of young, educated and talented people to work in oil industry. This will be a major challenge, since there are other opportunities in major construction projects, such as wind farms and the Olympic Games in London. Reported positive trends show how well sector attracts young skilled workers, as well as reflect the excellent career opportunities that the industry has to offer. "

A more prosaic explanation of the "rejuvenation" of the labor force may become the retirement of more experienced workers aged, as well as moving them to work at the shore, leaving offshore vessels and platforms with a less skilled labor force.

There were not noted in a recent report, the growth of the offshore fleet worldwide. New platforms mean new positions and employment opportunities, and the shift is not only age, but also the experience in the oil sector. This trend may indicate that the remaining workers aged 50-60 will have to deal with the management of less experienced crews on oil rigs of UK. However, for graduates looking for work in oil drilling, this is definitely good news, according to Malcolm Webb, head of OGUK.

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