The growing number of deep-water drilling projects

Revealing the potential of deep-water drilling vessels

After the stagnation and the Deepwater Horizon incident there are appeared some signs of recovery in the market of deepwater drilling vessels. To meet the global demand, deepwater and ultra-deepwater areas are the last hope, but are the significant overhead costs reasonable, while the markets are shrinking?

Deep-water drilling is costly: only launching an oil platform can cost up to $US 1 million a day. The new ultra-deepwater drilling vessels as also costly for the budget, standing about $US 630 million per day. However, if the energy companies and oil drilling contractors want to enjoy the results of deep water sector, the only one way to do this, just cut off the check and hope that the price of crude oil will pay for the investment. Deepwater Horizon offshore jobs and vacancies.

Signs of investment in deepwater

Recently there began to appear signs of growth in investment in the market of deepwater drilling vessels. Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), one of the world's leading shipbuilders, announced in June 1, 2011 that their company had received a contract sum of $US 1.12 billion for the construction of two new drillships for subsidiary Rowan Companies. Two vessels of length 229 m will be able to operate at depths up to 3657 m, the delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2013. By the agreement, the company Rowan may order additional drillship of the same class. The vessels will be designed by design Gusto P10000. [Click here for Rowan drilling job vacancies]

The last one order has increased the total number of drilling orders of HHI up to 9 that is more than $ 5 billion with options to build three more. The company says that they have in order the largest number of drillships.

Ultra-deepwater drilling contracts

For company new drilling ships are the step to deepwater drilling sector. President of the company Rowan Matt Ralls said that "long-term strategy of the company focused on the development and diversification of the offshore drilling sector, and the company is pleased to take this first step in the ultra-deepwater sector. This investment will expand range of Rowan services and jobs, and will allow the company to enter market of a large deepwater arena." - Says the company President.

With huge offshore oil drilling development, creating new drillships and offshore oil platforms, there are appearing new job openings for oil workers. The most accessible jobs are entry-level low-skilled jobs on board. Among these position are roustabouts, roughnecks, galleyhands, utilityhands, and other general laborers. As a rule, these jobs do not require special education or training (moving cargo, equipment, cleanings, general maintenance of deck etc.) The huge amount of jobs (and not only entry-level) are available in members area of the rigworker - online recruiting service specializing in offshore oil drilling jobs.

  • kitchen cleaner (entry-level job)
  • pipefitter
  • galley hand (entry-level job)
  • cook
  • motorman
  • general labor (entry-level job)
  • greenhand (entry-level job)
  • floorhand (entry-level job)
  • rope access
  • utility hand (entry-level job)
  • foreman
  • medic
  • materials man
  • manual labor
  • deckands (entry-level job)
  • pumpman
  • dishwasher (entry-level job)
  • sailor
  • catering assistant
  • tower climber
  • kitchen helper
  • storeman
  • roustabout (entry-level job)
  • welder
  • scaffolder
  • paramedic
  • mechanic
  • roughneck

drilling vessels will be financed by available funds received from current operations and short-term loans. Ralls believes that drilling vessels with their "innovative design and economical design will effectively drill wells and develop deposits for customers. Furthermore, they correspond to the current specifications and future regulatory requirements. "

New platforms

In May 2011, the company Diamond Offshore drilling reported that it used its option to purchase a third ultra-deepwater drillship from HHI for $US 610 million. The company President Larry Dickerson said that "this third drillship will be part of the company's efforts to provide ultra-deep-water services to customers." "With our acquisition of Ocean Courage and Ocean Valor in the last two years we have increased our ultra-deepwater fleet to 5 units - Says Dickerson. - With Ocean Confidence, Ocean Endeavor and Ocean Monarch, Diamond Offshore can provide 8 platforms for the growing market depth of 3,048 m or more." Another one HHI April's order for ultra-deepwater drillship was order of subsidiary company Fred. Olsen Energy ASA. The ship worth $ 615 million will be delivered in the third quarter of 2013, with a possible option for the second same boat. Diamond Offshore drilling careers and job opportunities.

Transocean - offshore oil drilling industry leader

Transocean company claims to be the world's largest offshore drilling contractor, and already has two ultra-deepwater drill ships and Discoverer Enterprise, while three more many functional class ships Enterprise are under construction. Transocean may soon reap the benefits of the growth of ultra-deepwater sector. Transocean Offshore Deepwater drilling Jobs.

"Taking into account the needs of Petrobras, as well as the growth of tender activity around the globe, we believe that in the near future the availability of ultra-deepwater drilling rigs is expected to drop" - says the Transocean president Steven Newman. - It is also encouraging that the projects are already being discussed for 2012 and later periods." He also added that there are signs of growth in adjacent markets. "Deepwater and midwater markets, which have been weak until the recent time, are beginning to show signs of the recovery and growth in the second half of this year," - he said.

While the deep-water market is still in its early stages of the recovery, the tenders for the mid-water market have been greatly enhanced.

An active market

Terry Bonno, vice president of the Transocean, agrees with this point of view. "As soon as the proposal decreases in ultra-deepwater and midwater markets, we expect that the same situation could occur in the deep-water market, - he says. - This trend will lead to higher daily rates at the end of the 2011 - 2012 year. Expectations for global ultra-deepwater market have improved, especially due to the fact that Petrobras is finalizing three ultra-deepwater units.

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