Earning potential on offshore oil rigs. Offshore salary in oil sector

The oil and gas extraction industry with approximately 310,000 jobs is the largest industry in the mining and extraction of raw materials oil, gas, coal etc. The number of offshore jobs in the oil and gas industry is thus 1.5 times the other industries in the mining and extraction of raw materials.

Offshore oil industry is divided into the following areas: crude oil, natural gas and liquefied natural gas to approximately 129,000 jobs and the work area on the oil and gas fields with approximately 182,000 jobs.

Although found in 48 states of the US onshore oil and gas reserves, about 75% of the jobs in this industry were distributed to only 4 states, California, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas in 2002. Although not included in this list, many Americans are employed by oil companies in Africa, the North Sea, the Far East, the Middle East, South America and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

More than 7 in 10 facilities provide a less than 10 vacancies, although more than half of all workers are employed in establishments that employ 50 or more workers. The more the reserves are depleted in onshore oil and gas fields, the more is big oil companies focus their research and promotion offshore.

Smaller oil companies that do not have the funds for research and promotion abroad, domestic drilling and subsidies to operate so consistently. The advancement in technology has significantly reduced the risk and the cost of smaller firms. Relatively few workers in the industry under the age of 20 or early 20 years. Almost 64% of workers are between 35 and 54 years old. The average earnings in the oil and gas production is considerably higher than the average earnings of other industries. Due to the working conditions, while the earnings on offshore oil fields is considerably higher than onshore oil fields.

  • Norfolk: Company man/woman opportunity
  • Pakistan: roustabout position
  • Oklahoma: Catering Officer offshore work
  • Nordland: Cook assistant jobs
  • Congo: Electronic Technician positions
  • The Gulf of Mexico: Deckhands employment
  • Oppland: roustabout vacancy
  • Southern California: Electrical Engineer position
  • Aberdeen: Scuba diver job
  • Oklahoma: roustabout opportunity
  • Canada: Caterer position
  • Fred. Olsen Energy: Storeman offshore work
  • Iraq: roustabout jobs
  • US: Denver: Storeman positions
  • Libya: Kitchen cleaner employment
  • Brasdrill: Derrickman vacancy
  • Rowan Companies: Inc.: Emergency Medical Attendant (EMA) position
  • Netherlands: Storeman job
  • Global Marine Drilling: Roustabout opportunity
  • Nordland: Rope access technician position
  • Noble: Chef offshore work
  • No experience oil jobs
  • Middle east: Camp Boss jobs
  • Prosafe: Mechanical Engineer positions
  • Tesco Drilling: Dishwasher employment
  • Kazakhstan: Roughneck vacancy
  • Sor-Trondelag: Baker position
  • Illinois: roustabout job
  • Sudan: roustabout opportunity
  • UK: Night Baker position
  • Dubai: roustabout offshore work
  • For employees with a university degree or a degree from the Technical School of merit is when they are employed in their field, the highest. The average earning potential of the various areas are listed below. Few workers in the offshore oil industry are union members. The fact is that from 2000 to 2002, only 3% of employees either union members or were covered by union contracts. In comparison, the percentage is in the range of other industries was 13.5%.

    You do not live in or near a center such as oil Aberdeen (Scotland) and Stavanger (Norway) to work offshore in the North Sea. A high percentage of current offshore workers come from far away, for example, from Ireland, Wales and southern England. Other of further such as Spain, USA, France, Australia, etc. Among these, residing abroad, of course, also British, who have moved to Aberdeen after they had passed at the foot offshore industry and its transfer to and even pay for. As a laborer or catering assistant / steward the starting salary is around 35,000 euros a year.

    Your salary may be different, either a fixed salary per month, or a "daily rate" when you are paid for each day on the rig. But regardless of your annual salary will be about the same. Age limits do not exist in any form. That, what matters is how you sell yourself. There certainly work Help workers over 50 and stewards over 60. However, you must be able to meet the medical and job-related requirements, then her age should not be a problem to work offshore. What do you do in their spare time, of course, is up to them, as long as you are on time for their "check in time" to the helipad.

    Workers a "back to back" (this is the rule) have, it is left alone as their free time (time off, usually 14 days) fashion. There are however a few exceptions, depending on what job you have. Also a part of the management staff need not be constantly present on the platform, but then has an on-call for emergencies.

    Most of the jobs briefly described below are those of a typical rig crew. Many of these jobs are also available on floating cranes, drilling ships and production platforms.