Drilling crew jobs on offshore oil rig

Typical well drilling operations on the rig

The most common job on offshore oil rig for unexpierenced personnel is position of Roustabout. The Roustabouts are busy with materials, the parts of the drilling pipes, keep them and attach to each other in the correct order. An experienced Roustabout replaces the Roughneck in drilling crew during meal breaks or accidental failures.

In collaboration with the crane operator and the Driller Roustabout adds the 10m long parts of a drill pipes at the well together. The wells are usually driven in five different strengths. The first tube usually has a diameter of 75cm, the last approx 17.5cm. After the first drill the formwork pipes are buried and cemented in the well. Thereafter, the well is drillep downwards deeper step by step with the next smaller cross-section. This is also the time for Roughnecks in which they can prove what they are worth.

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During the drilling job the drilling fluid is pumped through the pipes to the bottom. This process is continuous and is handled by one of specialists, so-called Mudman controlled. The duration of a well drilling depends on the soil, the depth, the weather and and finally on the professionalism of the drilling crew. The phase of the test hole takes it usually from 8 to 10 weeks. Thereafter, the test phase, in which the volume and pressure of the oil or gas field is tested by measurements of professionals. At this time come specialists on the offshore oil platform and the Roughnecks can have a little rest. Depending on the well this test phase lasts from 2 to 6 weeks.

Deep drilling. In addition to these groups, there are various other fields of activity on the supply, pipelines, pipe-laying vessels, etc. The majority of workers in the offshore oil extraction are not directly involved in the drilling operations.

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