Contract oil and gas jobs

Oil and gas employment contracts (Germany)

Who trying to find a job offshore, will inevitably confronted with the question of what special features of a foreign contract.

In case it is oil job with a German employers who recorded in the employment contract the statutory rights are manageable and verifiable. As far as in the employment contract are not mentiones specific conditions, it is largely the German labor law, social and tax law are prevail. Additional, foreign-related services such as expatriation allowances and living allowances, although the subject of free agreements, are subjects regulated by corporate law (also "corporations" or "company" law) or industry practice.

Much more difficult this question is in real foreign contracts, i.e. service or work contracts with a foreign employer. Who receives such a contract offer, should never just read, but check with particular thoroughness in several respects.

  • Iran: Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinator employment
  • Illinois: Geologist vacancy
  • Acteon: Rig Safety & Training Co-ordinator position
  • Colorado: Night Baker job
  • Israel: Baker opportunity
  • Ireland: Maintenance supervisor position
  • West Virginia: Barge Engineer offshore work
  • Congo: Electrical Engineer jobs
  • Ireland: Offshore Installation Manager positions
  • New Mexico: Dishwasher employment
  • Global Marine Drilling: Petroleum Engineer vacancy
  • West Virginia: Caterer position
  • IKM Subsea Design: Scuba diver job
  • IKM Subsea Design: Chef Manager opportunity
  • Virginia: Floorhand position
  • No experience offshore jobs

The following should be noted:

Basically, caution should be exercised when you deal with working conditions, which are subject to foreign law and foreign customs and regulations are unknown. Not because foreign employers more dishonesty are expected, but because of language barriers, unspoken expectations, as well as other social and legal environment can easily lead to misunderstandings and a strain on the employment relationship in the long run or make unexpected "surprizes".

In most offshore oil jobs contracts, the priority issues such as contract period, job description, compensation and benefits, working hours, termination provisions and leave arrangements are set out in writing. Worker should carefully read and consider whether they meet the individual needs and interests. It is a great help if you can show the employment contract for acquaintance to oil worker who was already employed in the host country and has appropriate experience in this issue.

The contract should also be examined not only in terms of its contract components, but also to those features that are generally required for the regulation of the employment relationship and not necessarily included in the contract. It should also be borne in mind that not all points in the contract have equal authority. Some questions may be a subjective value attributed to it is related to the real interests and reasons for working abroad.

It comes at a work offshore on oil rig also that recognized the difficulties encountered in everyday offshore life, and to some extent can also be accepted. Given knowledge about the working and living conditions of the host country offshore oil rig as well as on the mentality of its inhabitants are required. It will never let eliminate all risk of studying abroad. They are related not only to the actual employment, but also with the general economic conditions, social conditions and political stability of the host country.

It is always recommended a contractual coverage where increased risks are not expected. Experienced international experts will be happy to confirm how difficult it often is to obtain an accurate offshore job description of foreign employers. The employment contract you should never settle for a short reference to the occupation or use of the activity. To a clear definition of an activity shall include at least the following information:

  • The requisite professional qualifications (qualification)
  • Significant main and side tasks (function)
  • Provided responsibility or position (position)

Both sides need to agree from the outset on these three dimensions of offshore work, so as to keep disagreements arise.

In addition, the compensation is an essential criterion. Often it is not clear when specifying the compensation, whether it is a gross or net salary. Here, the future employee should be more specific ideas about what is the expected cost of living in the host country and whether the current standard of living can be maintained. Financial and non-cash fringe benefits are compared with Germany have a much greater importance, such as a foreign and local allowance, separation allowance, family allowance, etc. In addition, attention should be paid to the regular meeting the costs of home, school fees, child support, and the like.

    Basic services of the employer

    All offshore oil companies are providing their work clothes free of charge. There is also room and board on offshore oil rig, as well as various services such as laundry service free of charge. The food is also of a high international standard and offers hot meals four times per shift, free choice. The alcohol is strictly prohibitedon offshore oil platforms.

    All drinks are free. Practically you need only buy cigarettes, toothpaste, deodorant and after shave itself and according to geographical location of the platform it is duty-free. When you come to the platform, or leave, you get a free hotel accommodation awarded to arrival. If weather conditions, a longer stay is required, more commonly, especially during the autumn and winter days, your employer pays even longer hotel stays.

Check in advance, the currency in which, when and where your salary is paid and whether restrictions on foreign exchange or special bank charges are present. Is granted to adapt to the inflationary trend due to legal or contractual provisions, a post adjustment?

The issue of travel costs needs to be clarified and documented. If the employer to ensure, so must also be noted, are taken under what conditions and to what extent these costs.

It is mostly the case of early termination of the contract or self-inflicted problems. In any case, the question of social protection during work offshore must be clarified. This is not to say that everything in this regard must be specified in the contract, since in almost all countries have legal regulations on accident, health and pension insurance. These rules, however, are different from country to country and can not be compared with a few exceptions to the social security with Germany.

  • Baker Hughes: Dishwasher positions
  • Utah: Subsea Engineer employment
  • Alaska: Scuba diver vacancy
  • Fugro: Maintenance supervisor (Electrical) position
  • Somalia: Waiter job
  • Vest-Agder: Caterer opportunity
  • Taiwan: Warehouse Foreman position
  • Fred. Olsen Energy: Rigger offshore work
  • Norway: Pipefitter jobs
  • Maersk Contractors: Kitchen cleaner positions
  • Angola: Nurse employment
  • Franklin Howard International: Chief Electrician vacancy
  • Noble: Company man/woman position
  • Tunisia: Mechanical Engineer job
  • Equatorial Guinea: Mechanical Engineer opportunity
  • Bakersfield: Utility hand position
  • Ethiopia: Barge Engineer offshore work
  • Dolphin Drilling: Offshore Installation Manager jobs
  • Equatorial Guinea: Toolpusher positions

A company indemnity insurance is not usually. For a very affordable term life insurance is usually offered. Who does not want to lose his claims under the German pension needs to know how far they can take out voluntary insurance continues at the Federal Institute for Salaried Employees (BFA) or at the regional insurance agencies.

  • Is the completion of an additional, private life insurance recommended?
  • How far does the insurance cover in the private health insurance abroad?
  • Are entitled to unemployment insurance in the host country or upon returning to Germany?

In these matters, it is advisable to seek the fullest possible information with the relevant authorities before the end of the employment contract. For this, the person seeking advice relevant, state and private counseling services available, such as:

The Federal Institute for Salaried Employees, the National Insurance Institute and the local counseling centres. In matters of pensions, the General (AOK), the substitute funds, and private insurance. The local employment office for issues of unemployment and child benefit The Tax Office issues a grant to start work, and the Steuereberater for tax issues.