How to find offshore oil rig jobs?

In times of ever-increasing labor and consequent lack of prospects sure many people have asked this question. But how to get to a these coveted jobs? Exactly, we would like you to answer this question here and so created this portal for jobseekers in the offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea.

Our website is competent service and current guide for your applying for a job on offshore oil rig in the North Sea. The rapidly rising costs of fossil fuels are undertaking a noticeable increase in demand for labor. Use our offshore recruiting service to your advantage and apply now for one of the coveted oil drilling jobs in the offshore industry in the North Sea.

Offshore oil jobs in North Sea. Here you will find realistic and practical information about the offshore oil and gas industry in the North Sea. It was based on technical facts and figures collected on our recruiting site to make you offshore oil job search quick and easy.

Furthermore, you get comprehensive information about the various statutory provisions and conditions, particularly in the countries of Norway, Denmark, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. And get to know significant questions you should keep in mind when signing oil job contract with a foreign offshore oil company that hire.

Of course you will also find materials of inside information, advices and examples that will help you to place your application with the greatest possible chance of success in offshore employment. Application letter in English and Norwegian are also available, as well as the complete offshore job descriptions in oil drilling industry with the corresponding earnings prospects. Attached you will find more than 550 company addresses from Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and British companies that are directly or indirectly involved in the field of offshore oil production of the North Sea, as well as addresses of labor offices, private employment agencies and schools.

Oil rig jobs
  • Iran: no experience offshore work
  • Geoservices: Camp Boss jobs
  • Iran: Floorhand positions
  • Taiwan: Chief steward employment
  • Cameroon: Warehouse Foreman vacancy
  • Iran: Electrical Engineer position
  • Southern California: Reservoir Engineer job
  • Acteon: Steward opportunity
  • Iran: Electrical Engineer position
  • Dubai: Toolpusher offshore work
  • Iran: Foreman jobs
  • Rowan Companies: Inc.: Warehouse Foreman positions
  • Iran: Caterer employment
  • North Sea: Manual labor vacancy
  • Norway: Subsea Engineer position
  • Iran: Storeman job
  • Arctic Region: Seismic Driller opportunity
  • Alaska: Tower climber position
  • Canada: Dishwasher offshore work
  • Iran: Manual labor jobs
  • Ireland: Maintenance Technician positions
  • Tesco Drilling: Steward employment
  • Oceaneering: Petroleum Engineer vacancy
  • Iran: Catering Officer position

Since 2013 our offshore recruiting website is complete application service for employment in offshore industry in the North Sea.

In future we are planning to make available online a job market with current and detailed job vacancies of offshore oil industry inside and outside the European Union. Vacancies further enhancing oil nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, North and South America and the former Soviet republics are here for our registered user and be published free feed available via newsletter or RSS. Of course, get our registered users the opportunity job offer to publish in the Job Market for free.

Through our offshore recruiting (crewing) service You get complete, tailored to your application profile and translated into the local language, professional application including cover. Top of the current offshore oil companies that hire addresses. In addition you will get our country offshore brochures with many worth knowing insider and background information.

The term "offshore" refers to the oil and gas offshore on the continental shelf surrounding the continents.

Around 22 percent of the oil reserves and more than 15 percent of the natural gas reserves in the world are based on current knowledge offshore. To date, several thousand oil and gas fields have been found off the coasts of over 40 countries. Approximately 750 million tons of oil offshore world are now a year sponsored, or about 24 percent of world oil production. In addition, approximately 382 billion cubic meters per year worldwide natural gas, which are promoted offshore, which is about 18 percent of world gas production.

For us in Europe the term "offshore drilling" is automatically connected to the North Sea oil. Almost all North Sea countries have oil rigs in this part of the Atlantic:

UK: west off the north coast of England and north west of Scotland natural gas, northwest of the Shetland oil and natural gas; about 90 million tons of oil and 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas production.
Norway: ca. 112 million tons of oil and 27 billion cubic meters of natural gas production.
Denmark: 8 million tons of oil and 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas production.
Netherlands: 1.3 million tons of oil and 17 billion cubic meters of natural gas production.

Offshore oil jobs are hard to find but they worth your efforts

All over the world appear more and more people who can not find offshore job in Germany, based in oil sector, to develop their career. Also working on an oil rig belongs to this area. Especially young people who find a permanent job after training and appreciate some adventure, may want apply for offshore oil job.

The work on an oil rig is recommended, for example, for specialized forces from the professions installation engineers, plumbers and industrial mechanics. However, employees in the service, i.e. in the canteen are sought after too. In addition, general labourers (roughneck, deckhands, roustabout, galleyhand, greenhand) are also on demand, and you only need a basic training for this offshore jobs. Labourers needs to be competent on an oil rig for very many areas of responsibility but these ones are low-skilled and need minimum of offshore experience. Both the acceptance of food as well as scrubbing or brushing of components here belongs to the tasks (Galleyhand). People who want to work on an oil rig should be aware of the high physical requirements for any entry-level offshore job. First, the work is completed in 12-hour shifts, on the other hand, the workers have to work 16 days continuously. Weekend or public holidays are not considered here. However, the oil workers will then receive free 24 days. This process is regulated by law and contract, every worker is dependent thereto. Especially offshore oil workers that got families will find it difficult at this time to cope with the separation. Yet for those who are used to it, the time he can spend at home is very important.

Offshore oil jobs

  • Vest-Agder: Floorhand job
  • Iran: Deckhands opportunity
  • Rowan Companies: Inc.: Tower climber position
  • Iran: Greenhorn offshore job
  • Uruguay: Deckhands jobs
  • Iran: Floorhand positions
  • Australia: Galley hand employment
  • Iran: Dishwasher vacancy
  • Bakersfield: Rope access technician position
  • Iran: Materials man job
  • Nabors Industries: Greenhorn opportunity
  • Iran: Deckhands position
  • Oslo: Deckhands offshore job
  • Iran: Storeman jobs
  • Iran: Floorhand positions

Due to the high requirements in any offshore job, applicants should not be older than 50 years. The physical shape of each worker must be on high level. Should to notice that on offshore oil rigs also exclude applications of disabled persons. It is often a health certificate required to exclude risks. A safety course (BOISET, in Europe it costs up to 900 euros) is required before applying for oil rig job offshore. Such courses are carried out on the rigs themselves and in special training centers, a candidate must pass this course necessarily.

Since workers from many different countries live on offshore oil rig, the only understanding and spoken language is English. Every candidate for election as a mechanic or engineer and must speak during his work with a lot of other people who should have good knowledge too. For unskilled workers (Rigger, Waiter, Roughneck, Manual labor, Utility hand, Kitchen helper, Greenhand, Galley hand, Greenhorn, Kitchen cleaner, Floorhand, Steward, Deckhands, Roustabout, Dishwasher, General labor, Laundryman), however, the knowledge of English of school level already sufficient to communicate on oil rig. With the daily use of the foreign language it is well established over time and the communication goes easily.

The high salaries are of course an important reason why people want to work on offshore oil rigs. Realistically salaries of about 2200.00 Euros net per shift for low-skilled labourers (Laundryman, Dishwasher, Rigger, Waiter, Roustabout, General labor, Kitchen cleaner, Greenhand, Greenhorn, Roughneck, Utility hand, Floorhand, Deckhands, Steward, Galley hand, Manual labor, Kitchen helper.). These salaries can increase naturally. As your offshore career grows and you are gaining qualifications and experience net wages can grow up to 3,000.00 euros in future.

It should be remembered that the accommodation and food services are usually free. The workers here are supplied with quality meals.

Laborers can often be accommodated in single or double rooms. The rooms are cleaned by the cleaning department of oil rig (Stewards, Cleaners are in charge of this job), so that no worker has to take care of it. To design the fitness or leisure are television space at your disposal, including squash plants are often found.

Conclusion: Working on an oil rig is indeed hard, but you can certainly gather a lot of experience. The pay is very good. This job is suitable for people who have just completed the training. Tags: oil, jobs, offshore, Iran, gas, employment no experience, roustabout, low-skilled job, unskilled personnel, oil rig;